The Westin Calgary

Calgary, Alberta
March 1 & 2, 2017


Titans of Technology Talk Clean Hydrocarbons 

Suzanne West
President & CEO 

Tom Corscadden
Vice-President for Marketing
Engineering and Operations

Judy Fairburn
Executive Vice-President,
Business Innovation

Clean Hydrocarbons: A Great Idea or the New Business Model?

Join us at #PROPEL2017 as these O&G heavyweights discuss their respective company mandates for adopting and developing clean hydrocarbon technologies. The global market for a cleaner hydrocarbon is ever growing. These companies are tasked with minimizing energy inputs to maximize output, in a low carbon economy. The answers lie in tech-driven innovation.

Hear it straight from these Titans of Technology as they share their new solutions, creative methods, and tangible approaches to clean hydrocarbons.   

Moderator - Jeff Jones Takes on the Titans 



Jeff Jones 
Reporter, Report on Business

Jeff Jones of the Globe and Mail, Report on Business takes on these O&G Titans at #PROPEL2017. Nothing is off limits as he questions their intent, shareholder buy-in, innovative approach, performance objectives & delivery. Diving deep into the actual projects, actions, and operations, Jeff will get this panel of heavy weights to reveal their company approach to clean hydrocarbon development and innovation.

Keynote Speaker 

Elyse Allan, President & CEO, GE Canada


In her role as President and Chief Executive Officer of GE Canada and Vice President GE, Elyse is a passionate champion for Canada's competitiveness, advancing the country's science and technology base and competitive fiscal policy.

She actively engages in developing and shaping public policy through industry groups, research and advocacy organizations. Elyse serves on the Board of Directors for the C.D. Howe Institute and the Conference Board of Canada. As well, she recently completed her Board term at the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, where she also served as Chair. Elyse has participated on a number of federal and provincial government advisory boards focused on Canada's competitiveness, energy strategy, economic development, transportation strategy and access to credit. 

Read more on Elyse Allan here.


2016 Keynote Speakers


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CEO & Founder

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National Director Oil & Gas Transformation

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Managing Director
Pine Brook Partners

"The evolution of the American Shale Plays: Where we are and how we got there"

2015 Keynote Speakers

Mark Mills
Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
CEO, Digital Power Group
Warren Macdonald
Motivational Speaker

2014 Keynote Speakers  

Warren Wilson
Lead Analyst, Energy & Sustainability Technology
Peter Tertzakian
Chief Energy Economist and Managing Director
ARC Financial Corp.